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The Introductory course runs for two weekends and is designed to give students the basic skills needed to mix music and also perform basic tricks and scratching techniques within a short period. This course is taught with our renowned step by step technique which has been the foundation to the thousands of our working graduates across Australia within the last decade. This is a more hands-on course based primarily on private tuitions. You will be taught in groups as small as 4 students for 8 X 2 Hour sessions and will cover all topics on equipment, mixing and scratching techniques in a step by step format. This course is held over two weekends, Saturdays and Sundays (4 hours per day) making it ideal for holiday periods. It is also ideal for people who are unable to attend classes during the week for our comprehensive course. Students have the option of hiring equipment between the 2 weekend sessions for individual practice time and assessment tasks. Studio practice times are FREE and inclusive of the course. After completion you will have attained enough knowledge to mix competently and also be able to do some basic tricks and scratching with CD's and/or Vinyl. The total cost for the 2 weekend course is $290..

The Comprehensive course runs for twelve weeks and is designed for the more serious and enthusiastic students wanting a Complete Comprehensive outline of the whole industry taught by many established and experienced DJ's from across Australia. Group lectures from these instructors are held one night per week from 7:30PM to 9:30PM. Students will receive free tuitions and/ or practice time for exercises throughout the course for the complete hands-on training. All our award winning instructors are veterans of this industry and have over 20 years DJ Experience and 14 years teaching experience. Students must choose times that suit their schedule and the instructor's schedule. This is free of charge for the comprehensive course only. Students will also be taken on tours to Major Recording Studios, Radio Stations, and associated Night Clubs throughout the course for 'on site' training. An industry recognized certificate will be issued to Students who pass the final test which is held in a night club 4 weeks after the completion of the course. After completion you will have attained enough knowledge to mix fluently and be able to perform tricks, scratching techniques, produce own tracks and be competent to work in any Night Club.

Every student will receive a ‘United DJ's of Australia discount card’ which entitles them to substantial discounts from all major record stores and special student rates on all DJ equipment. To ensure your success we also operate a DJ booking agency to help you find work at the end of the course. The total cost for the twelve week Comprehensive course is $580.

The Advanced courses are now also available for training in Scratching, Turntablism, Advanced Beatmixing, Radio, or Production utilizing MIDI and hard disc recording. Students wanting to apply for these advance courses must pass an initial test. The Advance Mixing Course will guarantee job placement to the most successful graduate. The total cost for the Advance course is $750..

The Midi Production Course is designed for the aspiring average home based producer and covers all aspects of a home studio taught by various producers of all different genres. The course covers everything you need to know about making music with many industry standard software and the essential business aspects. Register to this site to keep updated with all the latest updates on this particular course and commencement dates.

Private Tuition is also available if any of the above courses does not suit your budget or time schedule. Rates start at $50. per hour depending on what level of training you require and how many blocks of tuition you pay for.

All students will receive a free personalized web site and a complete promotional pack including a bio and a demo CD with professionally designed graphics. Course outlines are at the course structure link.

Student Feedback

Tevita F " I liked the fact that the course is for anyone of any age to join without any history"
Adam B "It was very informative and allowed me to learn many new things about DJing even though I was allready a DJ"
Katie M "I think it's really good value with great support & encouragement for the students"
Michael S "They made it very easy to pick up and they were very professional, good work United DJ School"
Mark T "I had a great time and think the way the course is structured is ideal"
Hass S "You want to do something, you do it right, the school is outstanding"

Christina I "You learn so much in such a short period of time. You get to interact with a lot of different DJs and even get an opportunity to have your first gig"
Tony N "Friendly people. Good place to learn if you put the time in"
Darren N "Very informative, great content and teachers. Got heaps out of the course. Learnt heaps and enjoyed it all."
Rebecca D "It's a great experience in a comfortable and friendly environment. You can learn lots of different aspects of DJing, including music production"
Farnham L "United DJ Mixing School doesn't teach DJing just for money but teach the art of being a DJ. That's respect !"

For further information and details on all the courses we offer contact:

Melbourne - (03) 9639 9990
Sydney - (02) 9024 4655 (currently relocating)
Email - admin@djsunited.com.au

Melbourne Branch is now in it's third year of operation at
Level 10, 92-94 Elizabeth St, Melbourne (Next to Flinders St. Station) >Map<

Students wanting to enroll must come in for an initial interview before being accepted into the courses.

DJ Mixing


DJ Mixing : The art of blending two or more musical tunes in compliance to their rhythms and melodies together. It has since not only crafted many top notch talents and well known artists in the production industry, but has also groomed many musically - inclined home-base enthusiasts on their individual creativity, innovation and musicality.

Since the birth of the Technics SL 1200 Turntable and the release of experimentally mixed tracks such as Grandmaster Flash On the wheels of Steel in the early eighties, disco mixing has then being seen with a revolutionary switch from simple deck-to-deck mixing to more sophisticated special effects and manual scratchings that involve flawlessly-dedicated hand manipulation on the playing records.

With technological breakthroughs and continuous introduction of high tech mixing products ranging from dual CD players, sampling mixers, outboard samplers to digital delay flangers and special effectors... mixing is no longer the story of 2 turntables and a mixer. It’s all about the whole set-up and the creativity of the DJ behind the equipment.

The United DJ Mixing School was founded in 1993 with the aim of Uniting the finest DJ’s in Australia to form one of the first structured DJ School. The original course was structured by DJ KC with the aid of Nick Fish, Pee Wee, Paul Holden, and DJ ASK. Within this time we have experimented and undergone changes to come up with a perfect formula for the students to obtain optimum results, have fun, make contacts, and most of all learn from the experiences of many established DJ’s. After 10 Years of operating the most successful and longest running DJ School in Sydney, the crew has branched out to Melbourne for the long overdue expansion of the School.

Within the last decade the United DJ Mixing School has invited many international guests to teach the art to the young aspiring DJ's in Sydney. Guests have included legends that started this whole DJ Culture such as Jam Master Jay (RIP), Jazzy Jay, and Kool Herc. Members of DJ Crews that are advancing the art of turntablism all over the world such as The Beat Junkies, The Allies, Invisible Skratch Picklz, and The X-Ecutioners. Internationally acclaimed Producers such as DJ Revolution and Lenny Dee. And almost every World DJ Champion including D.J. Cash Money, Q Bert, Roc Raida, Noise, A-Trak, Craze, Plus One, and Dopey to name a few.

Locally we have had the honor of having the finest and most respected DJ's in Australia teaching at our school. Our huge list of working graduates speaks for itself and our success rate is unparalleled. We would like to congratulate the following very talented past graduates for their achievements ...

Naiki (Sydney's renown Hip Hop DJ - Good Bar, Cave, etc.)

Jools (Gas Night Club, Martins Records)
Dave Forward (Acid Bunny, Ice Box)

Adam Clarke (established 'In The Groove Records')

Somatic (The Globe)

Dion (Sugarreef)

Tony Spenser (Various Raves)

Tony (Promoter - Ice Box)

Sani (3 Weeds Hotel, Q Bar)

Rajh (DJ/ Producer)

Sam G (The Venue, Penrith)

Anthony Anbu (Club Hilton - FIJI)

Daniel Suwenda (Working at all major Clubs in Bali)

Mark McInnes (DCM, Gold Coast, DMC Sound and Lighting)

CoCo (DJ/ Promoter - Flava Under 18's)

Benny B (DJ Promoter - Climax Under 18's, Supafly Harbourcruise)

Joe Corte (Various Clubs in Oxford Street and Many Successful Under 18 Events)

Gavin Bright (DJ's at many Oxford Street Clubs and owns 'CD Pool Australia')

Dan (Placed Second in the NSW Technics DJ Championships)

Tim (DJ for Local acts such as Antenna, Coda, and now Co-Producing with South End)

Disc (Chasers - Gold Coast)

Tarek (GW - Penrith, now working in London)

DJ Carlos (DJ/ Manager of BJ's Night Club, Bondi Junction)
DJ Dizza (Recently placed 3rd in the NSW DMC Championships)

DJ Forte (Joseph Maroun - established a school named 'The Sydney DJ School' for 2 years)

DJ Subway (Simon Lampough - DJing at Various clubs Japan, and also now teaching at our School)

Nick Jovicic (Earned his first gig at Ice Box in 2001 and now operates a DJ School)
and many more who we have not named and pursued their career professionally and achieved Resident Job Placements.

As of 2002, we will be posting up real videos of each Comprehensive Class Winners (You will need Real Player Installed)

17/5/02 Class winner Harley Moon (Real Video 56k)

Mr Moon has now left to work on projects at 'Space' in Ibeza and various other events in the UK. We wish him the very best of luck, and he will be missed by all of us here at the DJ School... A Very talented and versatile DJ.

31/5/02 Class Winner DJ STEVE MIKLOS (Click on name for Real Video 56k)
14/6/02 Class Winners in 3 Categories (Click on Pictures to watch the sets in Real Video 56k)

Best Club DJ

Marcel Batten

Best Technical DJ
Anthony Benvenuto

Best Performance DJ :
Rhatih Soengkoeng

23/8/02 Class Winner James Rietdijk (Streaming Video 56k)

27/9/02 Class Winner Luke Windon (Streaming Video 56k)

25/10/02 Class Winner Todd Woods (Streaming Video 56k)

15/11/02 Class Winner Ryan Smith (Streaming Video 56k)

More winning students from 2002 - 2006 soon to be uploaded ....

To view Melbourne winners 2006 - 2007 visit www.youtube.com/djsunited

Our instructors are the finest DJ’s this country has to offer, and we also bring International Guest DJ’s regularly. We only invite World renown DJ's with outstanding achievements to lecture at our seminars. One of our recent guest instructor was DJ Q Bert - (World renown Turntablist). Click on his name for real video of his lecture.

We are now coming into our 15th year of teaching young aspiring DJ's and our experience is unparalleled. In fact with our success rate of working graduates and our award winning DJ's/ instructors (Both locally and internationally), we are known as one of the most innovative and highest prolific school in this industry worldwide. Media interest has grown over the years and the school has been featured on Channel V (Soul Kitchen with Denni Hines, and numerous Mike Kerry Shows), Channel Arena, Disney Channel, Ground Zero (SBS), BBC UK's Club Choice, and Australia Uncovered (Sky UK) to name a few.

Dj performance

RBK INTERNATIONAL DJ ASSOCIATION WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS is one of the most important music events of the upcoming months. Apart from exciting dj competition we will have a chance to see performances from the best turntablists in the world who will prepare special shows with live bands.
Perfect combination of turntables and live instruments will attract a wide range of audience from jazz listeners, through funk lovers to the real hip-hop fans.

With the support of companies like RBK, 7 DAYS, G - SHOCK, RED BULL and the help of Municipality of Cracow this event will take place on December the 8th in Krakow, Poland. Countries taking part this year so far are ISRAEL, SPAIN, ITALY, GERMANY, AUSTRIA, CZECH, SLOVAKIA, POLAND, IRLEAND, AND FRANCE. World Final prizes will be provided by Reebok, G Shock, Mixvibes, Ecler, Akai, UDG, Shure and Personus. As other countries including Japan and Australia are in transition from ITF, they will take part in the following year 2008 which promises to be the biggest yet! For more info visit www.ida2007.com or www.myspace.com/ida2007

Official Australian ITF/IDA Web Sites : www.itf-australia.net and new site under construction www.idaaustralia.com

Email admin@djsunited.com.au for entry details or sponsorship enquiries on 2008 ITF/IDA Australian DJ Championships.

ITF/IDA 2008 in australia

The official oz chapter of the infamous ITF DJ Battle is back in town with a new look, new format, and even a new name. The ITF was founded in 1996 to highlight and categorise different skills the DJs had. Past world champs include Babu, Craze, Infamous, I-Emerge, A Track, Woody, Tigerstyle, Rafik, and J Red. Past team champs include X-Ecutioners, Beat Junkies, Allies, and Invisibl Skratch Piklz (Q Bert, Mix Master Mike, and Shortkut).

In 2006 all chapters across the globe decided the need for a change with new formats and new rules and hence the changes. ITF chapters (International Turntablist Federation) is now known as IDA (International DJ Association).
Australia has not seen a head to head DJ Battle since 2005 and we are proud to announce it's return at the arts capital of Australia, Melbourne. In celebration of the return we are inviting our Asian neighbors to make this event an exclusive battle of the whole South Asian region. The DJs have just 2 minutes to showcase their skills in knock out rounds going head to head. As Mix Master Mike once stated “I much prefer the head to head format as it is more spontaneous and sporadic”. Not to take away anything from our first religion DMC where it is more mainstream and showcase format.. this format is simply a more underground style of battling. Hence we have chosen Melbourne’s underground hip hop venue “First Floor"

Competetors include : DJ Impact (2008 New Zealand DMC DJ Champion), DJ Perplex (2006,07,08 Australian DMC DJ Champ), DJ Zeke (2008 Australian DMC runner up), DJ B2Wo (2007 Australian DMC runner up/ 08 VIC DMC Champ), DJ Osyris S.A (2008 VIC DMC Runner Up), DJ Elev8 (2008 DMC VIC 3rd Place), DJ Typhonic (2008 NSW DMC 2nd place), DJ Kilo (skratchfest2007 champ), DJ Tune, DJ Code, DJ n.Cision and DJ Dizar (Back from U.K). All competing for the prestigious title “2008 IDA Australasian DJ Champion” and to represent at the World Finals in Warsaw, Poland on the 12th Dec.

Support acts for the night include the emerging talent of the Melbourne City Duo of Mike Justice and J Funk, and RKS. The jam will continue till 6AM with club sets from Staen 1 (3 X Aust DMC DJ Champ), DJ Sheep (3 X QLD DMC Champ), Son (NSW ITF/Scribble Jam Champ), Sum1 (former Australasian ITF Champ), A$K (Australia’s first ITF Champ), and Kareem (Official Referee/ Party Rocker). There will also be a special tribute to a fallen veteran of Australian Hip Hop DJ Bribe (R.I.P) hosted by his home boy DJ Sheep (Turntable Jediz). For more info visit www.idaaustralia.com

Fri 28th Nov at First Floor, 393 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. > 8PM - 6AM <>

RSVP on Facebook for V.I.P Entry : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=36307647622

Early bird Tix $15 + B.F available at www.inthemix.com.au

Event : 2008 IDA Australasian DJ Championships
Where : First Floor, 393 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. VIC
When : Friday, 28th November 2008 (8PM - 6AM)
Cost : $15 presale, $20 at door.

More info : www.idaaustralia.com



Technical Category

1. Rob Bankz (GER)

2. Shiftee (USA)

3. Mandrayq (ITALY)